Why We Named Our Company Sled Dog Development

With exciting, new products being rolled out very soon by our development team, we found it very important to think of a name that captures what we as a company stand for. After much deliberation, and desperate attempts to arrange a combination of the 2 founders' names in a witty manner (Yes, the name ‘BROZ’ was unfortunately pitched), finally the perfect name came before us. Sled Dog Development was created.

Sled Dog Mentality

‘Sled Dog Mentality’ is a term that I try to implement every day with both my athletes, and myself. Sled dogs absolutely love to work, and not only work, but work relentlessly until the task is done. There is no thinking of whether today is going to be a good or bad day, they just go as hard as they can, until they are forced to stop. Sled dogs are heartbroken when told to stop. Many people who argue that Dog sled racing is a cruel sport, have never watched it nor understand the rules that are in place to protect the animals. Whenever a dog is deemed unfit to continue racing, they are pulled from competition and taken care of immediately. The dogs, being fierce competitors and driven athletes, are completely heartbroken, wholeheartedly wanting to continue the workout for the benefit of the team. They would do anything to be out there working with each other, always trying to be the fastest, be the best.

Name Origins

Anyone who has watched the women’s side of competition at the CrossFit Games (Which are great for entertainment, not so much for athletes training for a sport not named CrossFit), will most likely have heard the name of 2-time fittest women on Earth, Katrin Davidsdottir. Our name comes from a mantra that Katrin follows for all of her workouts: “Be a Sled Dog. Sled Dogs love hard work.” This motto ties in perfectly with the mindset of our team. We are going to work as hard as we can every day to develop the best product possible. If that product helps individuals become better physically and mentally, we are happy, but we won’t stop working.


After the usual fantasy football trash talk (I’m in first place…. not a big deal), our meetings are focused and deliberate. Having Sled Dog Development as a name for our company embodies everything we stand for and more. Seeing this title daily reminds us all what we are here to do. Be a Sled Dog. Sled Dogs love hard work!