Who is Coach Ozzy?

In 2019, Coach Ozzy found himself five provinces over from his hometown of Calgary, Alberta, in a much smaller town called Fredericton. Eyes bright, jorts on, and a smile on his face, he unloaded his car and embarked on his new career as a student-athlete at the University of New Brunswick. Not knowing any of the boot-stompin’ sea chanteys that come with living on the East Coast, he knew that fitting in wasn’t going to be easy. Luckily for him, the Reds volleyball team trained under the supervision of a great strength coach, who gave birth to Ozzy’s love of coaching, and soon became a friend and mentor to the young cricket. Ozzy now has a tight-knit group of like-minded people to connect and share ideas with every day at the gym.

Coach Ozzy playing Volleyball

Passing one of my first balls in a Reds jersey in my Freshman year

You might be wondering how Ozzy can be an Academic All-Canadian, a varsity volleyball player, 3-time table tennis world champion, and still make the time to coach University and Provincial level athletes. Well, rather than the traditional answer one might use to solve this puzzle, saying that he works extremely hard and is highly motivated, he would instead argue that it is because he plays the easiest position in all of sports, the libero. Not having to worry about jumping or hitting, and constantly being protected by the 7-foot giants in front of him, he doesn’t have much to do, and can instead spend his time thinking of new ways he can benefit the athletes that he cares deeply about.

Coach Ozzy climbing a rock

Bouldering in the Bruce Peninsula National Park in Ontario

Receiving mentorship, and maintaining strong personal connections with leaders in the field of Strength and Conditioning helped shape Ozzy into the coach he is today. Even after countless, joyous days of working in the gym to go along with all of the knowledge and techniques he has stumbled upon in his days, Coach Ozzy knows by all means that he is nowhere near done learning. He wants to use this platform to spread reliable information to other coaches and athletes that may benefit from it, in a fun and readable way. At the same time, he wants to learn tons about the subject being discussed in that particular week’s Sled Dog Sunday article, not only for the good of becoming a better coach, but more importantly, so he doesn’t sound like a buffoon to those taking the time to read, learn, and support him.

Coach Ozzy with his Gram

Sun rays, ice cream, and short shorts with Gram on Canada Day, 2018