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I: The Essentials

II: The Next Steps

Coaching Fundamentals

Strength and Conditioning

The Essentials

Chasing Excellence

By Ben Bergeron

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The first personal development book that we read and the foundation of everything we have learned since. Written by an experienced and approachable Crossfit Coach it revolves around the characteristics required to chase excellence and be the best possible version of yourself. This is the first book we recommend to read because of how easy it is to pick up and read and also how easy it is to understand the important concepts that all other books we recommend build off of.


By Carol Dweck

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Mindset lays the foundation of a growth mindset vs. fixed mindset and establishes the fact that we all have the potential to grow and develop. This simple idea frees all limitations on who we are and the dreams we hold. A crucial book to begin your journey of maximizing your athletic performance, health, and life.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

By Stephen Covey

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Stephen Covey’s book has sold over 25 million copies and it is easy to see why. A comprehensive book on the effective strategies for developing habits, priortizing, and locking in on permanent growth. It is the playbook which all personal development since have borrowed heavily from.

The Next Steps


By Tim Grover

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Mental Performance Coach and Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Tim Grover, has plenty of results to show for his fascinating methods. Relentless gives you a look into how Grover focused on tapping into an athlete's “Dark Side” to get the best results in both training and competition for the world’s best athletes like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Because of the no-fluff writing style and many important lessons enclosed between the covers, Relentless is an important read for coaches, athletes, and non-athletes alike. Some may be taken aback by Grover’s writing style, but learning how to quit being complacent or competent with the results you get, and instead, find excellence in your work is a harsh reality that Tim Grover helps you find.

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The Obstacle is the Way

By Ryan Holiday

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Every obstacle is an opportunity. It’s a simple idea but it can change the way you view the world. Holiday provides quick stories from exceptional individuals who exemplify the principles required to not only succeed in the face of obstacles but utilize those obstacles to do even greater things. From Rockefeller to Earhart to Jobs the stories within present important lessons to overcoming the everyday and once in a lifetime obstacles you will face.

Coaching Fundamentals

Above The Line

By Urban Meyer

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Written by widely considered one of, if not the best college football coaches in history, Urban Meyer focuses on building an unstoppable culture within his locker room. Unlike most programs, the National Championship is not to be mentioned by anybody. Instead, there is a focus on spending each day “above the line” rather than below it, meaning that each day, the most intention and focus goes into getting better. With a couple of championships to show for it, this book should be a staple for coaches trying to create a winning culture within a locker room.

CEO Strength Coach

By Ron McKeefery

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This book is absolutely essential for anybody in/looking to get into the Strength and Conditioning field. Author/Mentor to Coach Ozzy, Ron Mckeefery, is one of the most respected coaches in the field. Mckeefery has seen it all, coaching several professional and college teams, and looks to share his successes and failures with young coaches so they can have a smoother ride than he did.

CEO Strength Coach not only speaks on the specific factors that go into coaching but also things like time efficiency, managing a work-family balance, and creating a happy and healthy lifestyle while still being a competitor in the field. Do yourself a favour and absorb the important messages in this book.

Strength and Conditioning

NSCA Guide to Program Design

By the National Strength and Conditioning Association

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While many of the concepts in this textbook-style book may seem elementary to more experienced coaches, it covers mostly all of the concepts needed to create a basic exercise program making it an excellent choice for those new to the field or anybody needing a refresher. First outlining specific training phases and running through exercises that elicit a particular response, the National Strength and Conditioning Association then ties it all together in the final chapters, ending up with a basic periodized training plan.

Triphasic Training

By Cal Dietz

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Certainly a leader in the field of Strength and Conditioning, Cal Dietz takes the reader through his experiences and explains the concept of Triphasic Training, a training method that utilizes all 3 parts of movement, eccentric, isometric, and concentric. Triphasic Training is jam-packed with real, used before programs outlining full years of training, something not often seen in similar style of books. While some ideas may seem a little far-fetched, it certainly gets you thinking of ways to go beyond traditional training norms, an important piece to success in the S&C field.

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