At Sled Dog our vision is to make greatness accesible to every athlete in the world.

That means regardless of income, education, or demographic every athlete should have an opportunity to seize greatness if they want it enough.

But that doesn't mean every athlete should be great, 99.99% aren't willing to work hard enough. But if you are in that 0.01% we'll provide the education and tools to get you there at NO COST but your focus and hard work.

About Us

Sled Dog Development was founded in 2020 by Austin (Coach Ozzy) Ross and Bryden O'Flaherty as a simple idea to put the tools and habits of high-level athletes into the palms of any athlete who wanted to be great.

Austin Ross, Coach Ozzy, Calgary Alberta Trainer

Ozzy is a strength and conditioning coach on a mission to raise the standard of sports performance in Canada. He holds a strong belief that anything is possible with the right training and work ethic.

Bryden O'Flaherty also know as a really good looking person

Bryden is dedicated to putting the right tools into athlete's hands so they can achieve their full potential. He believes that technology can level the playing field around the world to push the hardest working athletes to the top rather than those born with advantages